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                              Holiday Homes Tour 2017

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East End Historical District Association's 2016 Holiday Homes Tour
Galveston’s East End Historical District Association will host its 27th Annual “A Victorian Christmas” Holiday
Homes Tour on Friday, December 2, from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. This event is the EEHDA's biggest annual
The elegant historic homes of the East End Historical District are the architectural products of skilled European
immigrants during a time when Galveston was the wealthiest city in Texas. Many of the East End homes you
see today rose out of the ashes of the Great Fire of 1885 that burned over 40 city blocks, including a swath of
the East End. Many of the homes built after the fire were designed and constructed for wealthy merchants and
entrepreneurs wanting to display their wealth, and impress their neighbors.
Four East End neighbors have generously volunteered to open their homes for the tour. Three homes belong to
East End residents, while one is a popular B&B in the District. Each will be festively decorated for the holiday
The Isaac Heffron House. This grand house was built in 1899 for Isaac and
Chlotilde Heffron. Heffron was a prominent cement contractor who built the
railway trestle bridge to Galveston, the water works, and the first sewer systems
for Galveston and Houston. This home was completed shortly before the 1900
storm, but amazingly escaped any storm damage. The home served as the
Heffron family home for 43 years. It now operates as a B&B in the East End, The
Victorian Inn Bed & Breakfast.
The John A. Caplen House. This property was acquired by Galvestonian, John
A. Caplen in 1890 as part of a real estate transaction, which included 173 acres on
Bolivar Peninsula. This existing two story home was built in 1897 as rental
property for Caplen, who was engaged in the real estate business for 30 years.
Caplen, Texas was named after Caplen, who surveyed the the Bolivar area in
The Adolph and Lena Nitsche House. Adolph and Lena Nitsche built this two
story home for their family to replace the home that was destroyed in the Great
Fire of 1885. Nitsche was a tailor, with a storefront on 20th Street between
Market and Postoffice. He died stortly before the 1900 storm severely damaged
the house. His widow, Lena, survived the storm, and oversaw the repairs to the
house, living there until her death in 1914.
The James M. Lykes House. This turn-of-the-century Craftsman home was built
in 1908 for James and Genevieve Lykes. James Lykes was a shipping magnate
who shipped cattle to Cuba on chartered vessels that brought back sugar for the
Gulf refineries. The Lykeses moved the previous house on this lot to a lot on
Broadway to make way for the new construction.
Two East End Historical District Association sites will also be included on the tour, where guests can enjoy live
holiday music:
The Victor Gustafson Cottage. Victor Gustafson was a Galveston Wharves cotton screwman who rebuilt this
cottage after the 1900 storm. This house was moved from another location in the East End, and now serves as
the EEHDA Community Cottage.
Darragh Park. This park was built after a fire destroyed Darragh House on this site in the 1990s. The property
was donated to the EEHDA, and a longtime association supporter, Dr. E. Burke Evans, donated the funds to
build the wrought iron gazebo.
Tickets for the tour are $20.00, and are available at The Grand 1894 Opera House, 2020 Postoffice St.,
800-821-1894. The proceeds from this event help the EEHDA maintain the East End Cottage, Darragh Park
and Alderdice Park, all of which are open to the community for use.
Guests may start the tour at any of the homes, or at the EEHDA Cottage, 1501 Postoffice St., where light
refreshments and restroom will be available.

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